1st & 8th Mar 2014


Looking at the cajón (pronounced ka-hone), one would not think much of this unassuming instrument. But at BEAT’ABOX, founder Arthur Choo has used the rhythmic tapping against the cajón to open up new ways of appreciating music. Through the creation of street-style beats and rhythms, they have united individuals across all walks of life, at all ages to communicate in a musical language that goes beyond words. BEAT’ ABOX also creates an open environment where disabled persons can also get to interact and play alongside them.



“A social enterprise

brings life into a business.

- Arthur, Founder

Members who played

the cajón in BOX OUT 2013.

When it comes to the relevancy of communication, some of them might not speak, some of them might not hear, but through playing… we can actually create the happiness in between.”

–Arthur Choo, founder of BEAT’ ABOX.


It took


times of trial and


was made.


before a decent

The delicious smell that wafts throughout the bustling Breakthrough Cafe is testament to its winning recipe of second chances and high work standards that it has operated on since its inception. Run by a Christian-based aftercare association, the cafe offers reformed drug addicts a new lease of life and a chance at re-integrating into society though F&B skills training and employment opportunities. The cafe serves a variety of tasty local dishes at reasonable prices. And don't forget to try their chendol while you are there.

The founder,


has been drug-free for

30 years.

The cafe is able

to provide

with on-the-job training.




70 % of inmates

in Singapore are

convicted of

drug-related offences.

“You don’t demand respect or trust from people, but you prove yourself to earn that trust and respect.”
– Freddy Wee, director at Breakthrough Cafe.

Inspired by the story of Zach Sobiech and death of her grandfather, 19-year-old Tricia Young decided to do more for the less fortunate with her clothes. She turned her pre-loved apparels from being merely pretty to being purposeful. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”, a quote by Babe Ruth has also become Tricia’s personal motto. And she hopes this will inspire other youths to do the same. A fun-fact? Tricia only delivers her packages through meet-ups as it allows her to talk about her cause with customers.

3 days

No. of days it takes for a shirt to be ready for delivery.

3-5 mins

Amount of time it takes to create the pattern on the shirt.


“I didn’t want it to be a product service, I wanted it to be a movement.”
 – Tricia Young, founder of Project Overturned Closet

When you step into the Aii office, there is no missing the warm sounds of laughter and words punctuated with sign language. It is an atmosphere that captures the essence of their logo. For those who are unfamiliar, '愛 ' (Aii), the traditional Chinese or Japanese character for love (愛 ), consists of a heart in the middle; representing the powerful emotion of acceptance. Since its launch in 2011, founder Leona has been hiring hearing-impaired individuals and recovering mental patients to be part of her candy-making family.

The first


Leona learned

 to sign were:


Each employee can tie 

up to 4 ribbons

to the candies per minute.

Thank you



The hearing impaired

can understand better after

getting used to a person's voice.

Leona wore ear plugs for about 3

months to understand a

hearing impaired person’s

capacity to hear.


“I wanted to create a company that can hire anyone and everyone who is unable to find a job because of their disability or background.”
–Leona Leong, founder of Aii.

Based on a motto from their pastor, three Ngee Ann Polytechnic students decided to start a humble ice-cream business after winning the “Be Your Own Boss” challenge from Entrepreneurs Connect. The motivation behind 8 Fahrenheit was to provide flexible working schedules for students from financially disadvantaged families to earn some extra income. It is a cause that deeply resonated with co-founder Song Jie who once struggled with studying and selling ice cream door-to-door to financially support himself. Now, he together with his other co-founders have begun to see the sweet fruits of their labour.

"1 scoop

of ice cream

can make

a life better.”

- Jia Hui, Founder

The small shop

measures only

5m by 4m.

The shop has provided

20 students

with part-time employment.

“We always learnt from our pastor to find a need and meet it, find a wound and heal it.”

– Tan Jia Hui, co-founder of 8 Fahrenheit

are sold a day

Beneath its unpretentious façade, Bliss is a vibrant lifestyle restaurant that boasts an extensive menu of affordable Western cuisine. Founder Christine Low who is a self-professed “Hougang girl” has affectionately termed Bliss the “hangout for heartlanders”. Since helping her first employee at their Sungei Buloh outlet support his family of 5, Christine has expanded Bliss to other residential areas as an avenue to provide the marginalized in society with employment opportunities. While you’re there, remember to try their signature Hot Lava Stone combo.

Bliss has

had at least



since it started.


“There is at least one student

are still working with them.

everyday looking to do an internship with a social enterprise.

- Christine, Founder


“When we reach out to this very group of people who are unrepresented, the impact is even greater. It empowers them to take pride in their job because they now have other people to look after.”
- Christine Low, founder of Bliss



What started as a means of funding his own tuition fees eventually moved then 14-year old Elijah Ted Ng, possibly one of the youngest local social entrepreneurs, to help other underprivileged children. At his 15th Birthday Bash, Elijah sold art paintings and spectacle frames in support of Project Vision 2011, a fundraising effort to help myopic children in Indonesia. But more than restoring the physical vision of those children, guests also went home that night with a renewed vision of what it meant to help another. He is now looking to expand his social cause with his retail leasing concept, The Box.

20% owned by a company or enterprise.

AWAH is estimated

to have helped


80% of the box owners

are youths &

young adults below 30.



My Box @ *SCAPE


"What social entrepreneurs like myself can do is to just try to make this world a better place, bit by bit."
– Elijah Ted Ng, founder of Art with a HeART




The Colony @ *SCAPE


Li.te.ra.se (pronounced as literacy) is a 12 hour challenge where teams gather to brainstorm and come up with fresh, sustainable ideas that will help to solve some of the most pressing issues in the local social enterprise scene.


What's more? There are attractive prizes to be won! So form a team, put your heads together and pitch your best ideas. You never know how your ideas could become real solutions for many social enterprises.







Register in teams of 4-6

Open to youths aged 18-25

Registration fees apply
Register Here!



8th Mar 2014,




Time: 9am - 9pm




The Ground Theatre @ *SCAPE


Vi.bran.se (pronounced as vibrancy) is an interactive "carni-seum" that serves to showcase the lifestyle products and services from our local social enterprises. Spend your day visiting the exhibits and learning about their worthy causes. At the same time, don't forget to treat yourself to food, drinks, performances and more!




1st March 2014,





10am - 7pm



April Tan

Project Manager

Jillian Goh


Brenda Xie











Christabel Reena David





ad.vo.ca.se is a youth-initiated campaign led by four final year students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University.


At the 2012 Ideas for a Better World Forum, Singapore was named "the best SEA country to promote social entrepreneurship in the region.


However, there still lies a knowledge gap amongst young adults about social enterprises (SE) in Singapore. Our campaign is therefore targeted at local youths and young adults aged 18-25 and is driven by 3 pillars: Educate| Engage| Enhance. Ultimately, we want our youths to act as the "multiplier effect" that will help catalyze the growth of the local SE industry.


Steve Lim

Art Director




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